UPS and USPS Rates 
We are all familiar with the United Parcel Service, as well as the United States Postal Service.  Many of our merchants utilize these services to ship their products around the world. 

But how do merchants accurately identify shipping costs, thereby applying them to their eCommerce solution? It's a thin line: you want to make sure you don't ridiculously overcharge you shopper for shipping--but, you don't want to cut into your revenue either. 

The Knowledge You Want: How about live rates? What if you could load live UPS rates into your eCommerce solution? You'd be able to achieve the perfect balance of shipping costs.  These are the things that make or break your business.

Fortunately, we've done the years of research, so you don't have to.  We'll gladly share what we know about eCommerce.  What works, and what doesn't.  If you're interested in live UPS rates, we can help.  We'll give you the tools to make you successful.  Remember, if you aren't successful, we aren't either.

USPS rates are also handy to have.  We'll help you get these rates, and help you apply them to your individual products.  Your shopper will have options as to how they will receive your product, and it will be accurate.  And, accuracy is good for both you, and your shopper.  During your free trial, you'll have the ability to contact our help desk.  Here, you'll get live support via email or our 1800 number regarding your shipping questions.


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UPS and USPS Rates

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UPS and USPS Rates
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UPS and USPS Rates - to make your shipping costs accurate!
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